There are some days when you can’t win….I drove my husband to work the other day and somehow he lost his car key…..we have spent hours/days looking for it (and as a consequence my bedroom is really really clean at the moment because everything got moved!). ┬áColonies of dust bunnies have died….and suddenly the key emerges…not at home but in the parking lot at work!! augh!!!! and a little the worse for wear….but it still works!!!!

More on the steampunk challenge

Opps forgot some of the photos – actually I am still feeling my way around the site…trying to figure out how to import my photos, so apologies but trying to learn this.

Photo shows a close up of tombstone rubbing from Susan Lenz’s workshop. If you have a chance take a class from her – it was awesome. She gives so much – info, techniques, materials and lots and lots about how to get started being a fiber artist. It was incredible!



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Rising to a challenge

31 day blog challenge (1)Okay there is a 31 day challenge to actually write something on your blog….so with a deep breath and a hearty hi-ho-sewing machine…here goes! Thanks Cheryl Sleboda for the creative push!

So first here’s my latest attempt at something arty! Yes it is old lace doilies and keys – something from Susan Lenz’s workshop that I attended in September…finally I did something with all the wonderful ideas that Susan presented! The Badass Quilters Society had a steampunk challenge that i got caught up into – Maddie sent me about 35 fabric strips and yardage to use in a quilted project. This is my representation of Season of Remembrance…lots of old textiles and lace, buttons, and even a grave rubbing!